Inspiration comes from everyday objects such as old enamel-ware vessels and linen tea towels, found in rural French markets.

Hand made buttons are stitched and finished with contemporary white frames to suit any setting.

The French attention to detail and proportion, whether it is architectural or purely decorative, is always reflected in Clare's work...

Cups sit comfortably in the hand with carefully positioned bands of decoration and Vases are perfect in any setting as a platform for flowers or kitchen tools.

Indian wood block printing tools are used to create richly textured patterns which need no colour.

Firing to 1260 degrees celsius means not only that porcelain miraculously becomes translucent, but that it is completely functional too.

Clare is happy to discuss personalising items where possible, to mark special occasions.

Many happy hours are spent exploring French towns to seek out treasures to incorporate into a new range of work.

The translucence of the porcelain is exploited when lace is pressed into it creating wafer thin slivers which almost seem to emit light through lace shoes.

Collections of Cups or Tea Light Holders can be mixed and matched with everyone having their favourite.

Romantic French lace and linen fits surprisingly well into a rainy Manchester cotton mill which is home to Clare's studio!